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The implementation of GWaste™ provides waste management service providers with many operational and strategic benefits.


- Input errors reduced: Electronic logging of operations ensures data entry accuracy.
- Elimination of unmatched jobs: System can match each pick-up to each customer and clarify mismatch jobs.
- Easier dispute resolution: Customers' disputes and challenges better managed with real-time accurate data from system.
- Better work load spread: Unresolved issues are quickly identified and actions can be taken on them immediately.



- Profitability Analysis: Most profitable / highest grossing route easily identified by the system.
- Shorter Billing Cycle: Billing cycle reduced substantially after implementation of the system
- Market Analysis: Geo-location used to identify clusters of customers and it provides visibility analysis and determine market/sales target
- Market Advantage: Early implementation of system secures first-mover advantage against competitors; an advantage in the in future tenders.


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